Thursday, May 04, 2006

volunteers converge on new york

We are now exactly two short weeks away from VE's unveiling in New York: volunteers will be coming from all over to host a first annual fundraiser. You may argue that all weeks are the same length and all weeks consist of 7 days each of 24 hours, but I beg to differ: these weeks will be shorter. This year's event is scheduled to be at the Children's Museum of the Arts and will feature art work from the children down in Santiago, Chile, as well as photographs taken by participants. Past volunteers will share their experiences as well as their hopes for what the organization will do in the future. And, of course, there will be music, food (we're still working on that), and Chilean wine.

Because we are all so far away from each other, we email all instructions, questions, and progress about the event to each other. I've had long distance friendships and relationships before, but this is different, because I've never met these people in person ever. Email lacks tone of voice, humor and emotion in general is difficult to construct when writers and readers have little idea of the other's personality. Yet I hold great anticipation in meeting them, I'm curious, and besides that, my intuition is leading me to believe that I won't be disappointed.

One of my jobs is to get press exposure for the event: I'm aiming high, trying to get the New York Times, the Village Voice, TimeOut, and some other publications to include us in their content. If anyone knows of someone I can send the press release to, please give a holler. I'm beginning to learn that just asking for something is half the battle-- many times people answer "yes." I'm really going to put this hypothesis to the test over the next few months, and let's see how many yes's come our way. Speaking of, can anyone in New York spare some delicious empanadas for our event???

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