Sunday, May 14, 2006

the drive is on

While the schoolyear may be coming to a close for the kids at Central School in Glencoe, IL, some seventh grade students are asking their peers to think about something other than the fast approaching summer break: digital cameras. This past Monday the drive kicked off, advertised by posters made by the students as well as myself. The drive encourages the children to ask around for any functional digital cameras that may have been old, forgotten, or replaced by newer models. In the fast-paced world of technology, digital gadgets can have short lifespans-- not because they are broken or unusable, but because their owners have moved on to updated models. This is exactly the market for a photo program: rather than forget your digital camera to a remote closet or garbage dump, you can put it to good use and enable underprivileged children to explore creativity through photography.

Friday greeted me with the pivotal news that we have recieved our first donation from the drive. Thanks to the efforts of the principal, the students, and a very special seventh grade teacher, we are on our way to collecting enough materials for an entire orphanage to be able to participate in classes. While I do not know which Hogar (home) I will be placed to work with yet, I know that the children will have lots of fun with these cameras.

In addition to digital cameras I will also be collecting memory cards, card readers, USB cords, a printer, printer paper, and reusable batteries-- basically everything a person would need to produce digital pictures. While computers have been placed in many of the Hogars, I'm sure no one at Voluntarios de la Esperanza would ever turn down the donation. I have heard from many generous people so far-- I feel a momentum that should bring us to a promising place by the end of August.

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