Friday, November 10, 2006

OJOS nuevos: clase número seis

Objective for Week 6: Emotions. Each girl has been working on capturing photos focusing on an emotion, using one word as her guide.

Now that we've been having class for over a month, the hogar has become accustomed to seeing and being in front of the cameras. The girls are also much more comfortable with them, although we had one major problem recently: one student was walking with her camera and tripped on a hose, scraping her elbow and dropping her camera. Luckily her elbow is now fine, but the camera didn't heal quite as well. In fact it doesn't work, and I have yet to get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix. It was one of our best cameras too, but accidents are going to happen... I just wish we had a back-up camera.

I've been working on our end of the class exhibition, and I may have found a place for us. Even if we have to have the show in the hogar itself, I know we will have a show, so we have begun to divide up responsibilities during class. One girl is in charge of invitations, another of writing emails to newspapers and other personal contacts. One will design a poster, another will help me with typing the biographies and captions for the show, and the last two will be in charge of the logistics of the opening party-- juice, snacks, etc. The girls are very excited to have specific jobs, and I hope that we will draw a good crowd.

While the girls will still have access to their cameras, our class time will also be used for having critiques of our work. Taking pictures is one thing, but thinking creatively and explaining your ideas is also a goal for the class. Each girl will select 8 photos for the show, if we can afford to print that many. Not only would I like to have many of their photographs on display, but I would also like to give each student their favorite photos in print. At the end of the class they will also receive a cd of all of the photos they took.... but seeing as their access to computers is very limited, I would like to be able to give them something tangible. Hopefully we can find a printer who will give us a good deal on our printing...


The first class of OJOS nuevos will meet for another 2 weeks. While we are excited to have started class, our resources are incredibly limited. We cannot keep the program running without the help of our supporters. If you would like to see OJOS nuevos succeed, please contribute in any way possible. Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped us come this far.

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