Saturday, September 02, 2006

of take-offs and landings

I'm here. After something like 24 hours of travel-- only a couple planes, lots of waiting-- I am in Santiago de Chile with all of my luggage. The flight to Miami seemed like nothing out of the ordinary really, but during my layover in the Miami airport I began to realize that something strange was on its way. For awhile it felt odd that I was not getting up and going to work but to be honest actually it hasn't bothered me that much. Part of me believed that this was all just a farce and I would wake up and go back to being a Marketing Director again, in the cubicle, with the schedule. Saying goodbye to my mom at the airport gave me a hint, but hanging around the Miami airport, where everyone speaks a different language, secured it: I would finally be leaving the country. I couldn't be more excited to be here. The flight from Miami to Santiago proved as easy as I think an 8 1/2 hour long flight could be minus the fact that I don't think I slept more than 3 hours. Losing my luggage, a great fear of mine, thankfully did not happen. With an arrival time set at 6.40am, I approached Santiago from the north with the Andes courting the plane out my window. The sun rise pending behind the mountains created a rainbow along the horizon, and made the jagged tops looks like they were on fire. In this photo, you can see the clouds covering Santiago, nestled between the mountains here and the ocean on the other side.

Three of us arrived at the airport at various times yesterday morning-- Jackie, Michelle, and myself-- with another five here this morning. And now, must meet them for an Escudo next door.

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