Sunday, April 23, 2006

plans begin to take form

Plane tickets, travel logistics, and fundraising ideas have been taking over any free time I might have had these days. Chicago is in full spring mode now, and the streets are full of people milling about at practically any time of day. All outdoor seating has been reinstated along the sidewalks, a sure sign that warm weather is here to stay -- I just hope it's true. I have realized that my timing for the switch from North to South America could not have been better: I will trade in winter for summer, which will earn me essentially three summers in a row.

I have learned that Voluntarios de la Esperanza will be having a fundraiser in New York on May 18th; details will follow. In addition to having many past participants present, presenting stories from their times in Santiago, there will be photographs and children's art displayed. The festivities will be at a children's art gallery in Manhattan, and we are hoping for a large turnout.

Meanwhile I have, with the friendly guidance of my fundraising captain, constructed a fundraising webpage where anybody can donate any amount to Voluntarios de la Esperanza. I have decided that my goal, from now until the day I come back from Chile, will be to raise $5,000 for the organization. In addition, because I would like to be very involved with installing a photography program wherever I am placed, I am determined to collect at least 40 point-and-shoot digital cameras. It's about four months to departure... let's see what we can make happen.

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